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It’s Back to School (Burn) Season

September marks the official end of summer and back to school for most of us. Whether you are a returning student or a parent sending the kids back to the classroom, this time of year marks a need for routine. Lunchtime picnics and afternoons by the pool transition into packing lunches and early mornings in the gym. As you begin to regain focus on health and wellness join us at The Farm for Back-to-School Burn.

What do I need to know?

Burn Boot Camp provides a challenging and encouraging workout and their “elite certified personal trainers will push you to your limits and completely transform your life. You’ll get all the benefits of personal training in an exciting and encouraging group setting.” The workout class is free for participants so get a group together and register through Eventbrite.

Workout Details

The workout will start with a dynamic warm-up that will allow for a safe and effective 45-minute camp, then it is time for the 45-minute workout. The workout consists of a combination of strength and high intensity interval training. Throughout the entire workout the fitness instructors are encouraging and empowering to participants, “we start strong and finish stronger.” A powerful and purposeful finisher at the end of the workout is meant to send you on your way feeling accomplished and challenged.

How should I refuel after the workout?

Sunday brunch at the Farmer’s Daughter is not a requirement but it is highly encouraged. The made to order farm fresh omelets paired with a mimosa will be sure to leave you feeling energized after an intense workout. Of course, the omelets are just the beginning. You'll work up an appetite for seafood specialties, a carving station, award-winning dessert display, and so much more. Reservations for brunch can be made through OpenTable or by calling (215)616-8300.

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