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"Let's Get Takeout"

You don't feel like cooking: This is probably the #1 reason people order takeout service. We all do it; some more than others! At "the farmer's daughter" Restaurant, our staff ensures a safe, convenient, and satisfying dinner delivered from our oven, to your car, to your table.

Here are 5 more reasons you should consider Takeout from Normandy Farm:

  1. Satisfying Cravings: Is there a certain food you've been thinking about all day? The dishes we crave are most often difficult to make or require a lot of ingredients. Takeout is typically the most convenient and fast way to satisfy a craving.

  2. Little-To-No Cleanup: Endless pots and pans, washing, soaking, scrubbing... Avoid the mess of cooking and cleaning and opt in for meals served in disposable containers and utensils that you can toss right out! That's our kind of clean-up.

  3. Everyone Gets What They Want: If your crew isn't easy to please, ensure everyone gets what they want rather than the hassle of compromising on one dish. Then there's no excuse for the picky eaters to leave an empty plate!

  4. No Planning: Some days, you simply can't plan. Between work and the kid's schedules, it's easy for meals to slip your mind. Ordering a fully prepared meal of entrees, sides, and desserts can be a life saver, without any planning ahead.

  5. Convenience: At "the farmer's daughter" restaurant, we offer the full menu and dessert to-go as well as special celebration cakes, beer, wine, and our signature dinner rolls. Pre-order them online for convenient pick-up on your preferred date and time! When you arrive, pop the trunk and our team will deliver your order straight to your car.

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