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The Guide To Philadelphia Restaurant Events and Private Dining

There is some truth to the saying, “one size does not fit all”, and the same holds true for the dimensions of a dining room or restaurant.  You should never feel like you are squeezed in to a space that is too small, nor should you feel like you are dwarfed in a room that is too big.  Here are seven things to consider when you are looking for the perfect private dining space to host your special party.

1. Location

There are so many wonderful restaurants in Philadelphia to host a party that one of the first considerations would be location. Whether you are looking in the city or the suburbs, choose a spot that is centrally located for most of your guests. Consider it a real bonus if there is plenty of free parking! Easy access is also important, especially if you have guests that need assistance.

2. Special Occasion

The most common requests that restaurants get for private parties include birthday parties, showers, retirement parties, holiday parties and the newest craze, “after parties”! When a wedding is held in a hotel, many of the guests are not ready to end the festivities so they retreat to the bar for an after party. Often the bar features entertainment until the wee hours of the morning and that keeps the party going. Responsible management typically encourages after party revelers to take the elevator home!

3. Vibe

A positive or negative “Vibe” is subjective and you should really commit to a “gut check” to see if the environment feels right to you. Some vibes are very formal while others are casual. Some are artsy and creative while many are staid. Only you know what vibe you are looking for and don’t settle for anything less because it is likely that the vibe of your venue won’t change. If anything, your “vibe sensor” might!

4. Menu

What do you and your guests like to eat? If the restaurant does not have it on the menu and they are not willing to accommodate you, it is likely that you need to pass and keep looking.There are certain food trends that many restaurants are serving including locally sourced meat and vegetables, gluten free options, expanded vegetarian menus, along with decadent homemade desserts.

5. Price

Did you ever hear the phrase, “I’m payin’, I’m sayin’?” You are absolutely correct however you need to review the menu pricing as well as bar, rentals, flowers, to make sure that you will be within your budget. Some restaurants will quote you a “minimum spend”, meaning that there is not a charge to your private dining space, however you are required to pay a certain amount on food and beverage to host your party in a specific dining space.

6. Room Set Up

Close your eyes and envision what the party room will look like when all of the people are in it. Are they seated at one large table or are they at individual round tables? Bridal and baby showers often require extra space for the guest of honor to open presents. Rehearsal dinners sometimes prefer a big, long “King Arthur” table so the family and friends can all chat. We have hosted Korean First Birthday Parties that require additional space for cultural activities with the baby. Sometimes you are not seated at all and you have a cocktail reception with high top tables.

7. Reputation

Social media has made it extremely easy (and authentic) to read about how others experience your venue; the good, the bad, and the ugly. The most tried and true way to test a restaurant or banquet facility’s reputation is word of mouth. When a restaurant can turn customers in to advocates, you know that they are doing something extraordinarily well. What will you tell others about your experience after you have followed the simple seven steps above??

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