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Our Guide to Eating Colorfully and Savoring the Summer

With the end of summer quickly approaching, many of us are trying to soak in every last

minute of summer vacation - including the flavors. Quick trips to the beach are a great way to soak up the sunshine but what about terrace dining? The Farmer’s Daughter terrace is the perfect getaway, even if only for a few hours a mini stay-cation if you will. Escape into a historic landmark, be welcomed with warm hospitality, and of course be presented with delicious farm-to-table dining options in The Farmer’s Daughter restaurant.

The Farmer’s Daughter summer menu features many of the fan favorite dishes, along with new and flavorful additions to the menu. As always, the menu is built around seasonal farm-to-table offerings which means the fresh and colorful vegetables will make for the perfect photo op to fit your Instagram aesthetic. When creating this menu Chef Nathaniel Ibarguen, Restaurant Chef says the team was “trying to get out of their element by using new ingredients but still keeping the same high quality” that our guests expect when dining with us.

Unique Additions

Many of the dishes on our summer menu are exclusive to the season. Guests are often unsure about the Fried Sardines served whole and paired with pickled onions, parsley slaw, and charred limes. Be adventurous, you won't be disappointed.

Another dish to explore on this season's menu is the Roasted Bone Marrow, a flavorful appetizer topped with parsley slaw and paired with fresh garlic bread. Expand your palate while you support the Farm's sustainability initiative! As a way to be more sustainable and resourceful in the kitchen Chef Nate said, “this dish is a great way to utilize as much of the animal as possible instead of just using the meat.”

Another top-rated entrée choice is the Squid Ink Pasta & Baby Octopus, topped with cherry tomatoes, baby corn, arugula, and garlic chili sauce. The colors alone have made this dish one of our most highly recommended entrees.

Classic Favorites

While our current summer menu has a lot of exciting and unique additions, we still have all the classic favorites too. How can you go wrong with a Charcuterie & Farmstead Cheese Board? The answer is you can’t! Whether you are stopping by for a glass of wine and a quick appetizer at the bar or you are looking for a delicious appetizer to share with a group of friends, you can never go wrong by ordering the Charcuterie & Farmstead Cheeseboard.

We will not argue whether a tomato is a fruit or vegetable but there is no controversy by

saying tomatoes, mozzarella, and balsamic glaze is the perfect combination in the summer. From the garden, you can order the Caprese salad which is all the above complete with frisée and basil oil. You can even add chicken, steak, or shrimp to make this classic salad into a delicious meal.

Our Overnight Braised Short Rib is always a guest favorite, and the summer menu edition is oak smoked and complete with purple potato hash with Japanese eggplant, roasted baby corn, and balsamic onions. This entrée is another one that is filled with bright colors and the meat is so tender that you won’t need anything more than a butter knife and a fork to dive in.

Trendy Desserts

In case you still aren’t convinced, you can always start with dessert (we won’t judge). The Lemon Tart is the perfect sweet and sour combination to leave your palate refreshed and ready for more.

As if we don’t have enough bright summery colors on this menu, the Strawberry Kiwi Pavlova is plated so artistically you will not want to dig in before taking a photo. After the phone eats first your taste buds will be filled with the familiar combination of strawberry and kiwi through a strawberry cremeux, compressed kiwi, and a strawberry crumble.

If you typically opt for a more traditional dessert option, our chilled selections are the perfect summer treat. While sorbet and ice cream might sound boring compared to the rest of the dessert selections, guests typically react to the presentation by saying “wow, that’s the prettiest ice cream cone I’ve ever seen.”

The seasonal menu this summer is filled with farm-to-table trendy dishes that leave you feeling as though you have been transported to a tropical getaway. View the rest of our menus and book your reservation through OpenTable. See you at The Farm!

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