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Why Choose The Farmer’s Daughter for Your Intimate Wedding?

Where intimate settings meet farm-fresh food, The Farmer’s Daughter Restaurant is the ideal locale to celebrate love in a unique and personal way. Our offerings encompass the same traditions as large-scale weddings but with the added benefit of allowing your event to truly reflect who you are as a couple, even in a smaller setting. 

This Q&A explores why The Farmer’s Daughter is an ideal choice for an intimate wedding, addressing common themes from couples, highlighting the unique advantages of our venue, and sharing memorable experiences from our personalized service.  

What makes the Farmer’s daughter Restaurant the ideal location for an intimate wedding? 

We provide onsite ceremony space and packages that include a cocktail hour, signature drink, and wedding cake. Our unique offerings uphold the same traditions large-scale wedding do, while ensuring that your event reflects YOU, even in a more intimate setting.   

What is a common theme that you tend to see/hear from couples when they are inquiring about booking an intimate wedding?    

Popular themes for intimate celebrations can include blending families or having your “chosen family” join you, rather than feeling like an extended family reunion! Another theme is booking and planning the wedding in weeks rather than months, making it the perfect short engagement. Whether it’s a first marriage or a second one, we make it possible for everyone!  

What makes having an intimate wedding in the Farmer’s Daughter Restaurant distinct from a larger scale wedding in one of Normandy Farm’s ballrooms? 

While the grand-scale of weddings in Normandy Farm’s ballrooms is undeniably impressive, the intimate setting of the Farmer’s Daughter adds it’s own unique and special touch to the day. Experience personalized service from our tenured team to streamline the process, eliminating the need for multiple salespeople and vendors.  For example, I will be working with you every step of the way, from the initial tour to signing the contract to the wedding ceremony.  

We want to host an intimate wedding, but we don’t know how to cut down our guestlist.’ How do you recommend doing so?   

Some couples begin with a predetermined guest list of 20-30 people, making our private dining rooms ideal for their intimate gathering. Other couples initially plan for larger triple-digit numbers, only to prioritize inviting those closest to them. We advise assessing your requirements and arriving for your tour with a clear vision so we can assist you in selecting your perfect space! You may also feel pressured by family members regarding the invite list to your special day. Our rooms and capacity limits may assist a couple in deciding their chosen guests and who will be invited to take a seat at the table!   

How has Covid affected the growth and popularity of intimate weddings? Is this something that you saw prior to the pandemic?    

When uncertainty during the pandemic prompted safety measures like social distancing at weddings, it forced a reevaluation of guest lists, venue capacities, and the essence of ceremonies. Limitations on attendance shifted weddings from large-scale events to more intimate gatherings focused on close relationships. This shift ignited a trend towards weddings with 50 guests or fewer, where celebrating with a small group of loved ones now feels more comfortable than hosting hundreds of relatives. 

Can you share about a time when you were coordinating an intimate wedding that you felt that you were able to do something that left a special mark on the couple’s wedding day?    

Absolutely, and recently!  Two gentlemen, in love and hoping to surprise the other, each had a treat planned during their reception. One of the gifts included a personalized Trivia Card that highlighted the couple’s 20+ year journey listing their favorite travel spots, character traits and questions for their guests to shout answers to! The surprise gift included printed die-cut Faces & Portraits of the couple on styrofoam; the challenge being that one Groom needed to drop off these to me, here at the venue, without his partner catching on! I was thrilled to receive and set up these pieces in advance, place them around the fireplace area on their wedding day, then watch their eyes fill with delight at the reveal!    

Embrace the celebration that is uniquely yours and inquire with Emily about how to get started in planning your intimate wedding. Contact Emily Stricko at for more information! 

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